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Skin Watchers

Skin Watchers is a brand that carefully studies all methods to improve the overall condition of the skin. You will notice an instant effect of high quality products, and over time more you use the brand's products, the healthier your skin becomes!

The brand's legendary product, cleaning oil, has been selected as one of the best cleaning products in the world by ELLE magazine. This only strengthens the position of Skin Watchers as an undisputed leader in the cosmetics industry, along with names such as Fresh, Dior and Origin.

For 20 years, the brand has been behind the belief in constantly improving the formula of products and using only high quality ingredients.

The brand focuses on the development and production of skin care products without artificial preservatives, additives, oil-based ingredients and harmful dyes. Skin Watchers use only skin-friendly ingredients derived from natural sources and high-quality plant extracts. Each Skin Watchers product is suitable for people with sensitive skin, as all irritants are minimized. From first application you will feel the difference in the textures, created with a lot of attention and thought for the client, in order to achieve this incredibly velvety and fresh feeling on the skin.

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