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Holika Holika Prime Youth Gold Caviar Gold Foil Mask 25 gr.

Holika Holika Prime Youth Gold Caviar Gold Foil Mask 25 gr.
Holika Holika Prime Youth Gold Caviar Gold Foil Mask 25 gr.
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Holika Holika Prime Youth Gold Caviar Gold Foil Mask is an intensive anti-aging mask that gives the skin smoothness, elasticity and a fresh, healthy appearance, thanks to the powerful renewing effect. The mask comes with three intensive anti-aging ingredients: niacinamide, beluga caviar extract and colloidal gold.
Niacinamide boosts the renewal of skin cells, accelerates collagen synthesis, making the skin smooth and supple. Adenosine controls the production of melanin and normalizes skin tone. Colloidal gold, which is the third key ingredient, stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin, which increases the density, firmness and elasticity of the skin. In modern medicine, "golden peptides" improve the elasticity of facial skin and significantly reduce wrinkles. They normalize the movement of ions in the skin (improve blood circulation) and improve the synthesis of collagen III and I, which improves skin elasticity and helps reduce wrinkles.
The mask also contains extracts of pomegranate, ginseng, rapeseed sprouts, honeysuckle, lime and grapefruit, which replenish the skin with vitamins and strengthen its local immunity, which helps the skin resist free radicals and prevents the destruction of collagen and elastin fibers. The skin is firmer, becomes more elastic and reduces the number and depth of wrinkles.

Use this mask to erase the signs of aging, refresh the skin and tighten and thicken the contour of the face.

Any skin type, especially mature and withered skin

Colloidal gold
Hyaluronic acid
Composition of extracts of pomegranate, ginseng, rapeseed sprouts, honeysuckle, lime and grapefruit

Water/Aqua, Caviar Extract, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Niacinamide, Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle) Flower Extract, Zanthoxylum Pipentum Fruit Extract, Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Dimethicone, Sucrose Palmitate, Xanthan Gum, Carbomer, Colloidal Gold, Disodium Edta, Punica Granatum Fruit Extract, Panax Ginseng Callus Culture Extract, Brassica Napus Sprout Extract, Yeast Extract, Adenosine, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Hyaluronate, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance.

1. Open the package by carefully removing the material soaked in the mask
2. Spread the leaves all over your face, matching the eye and mouth areas
3. Remove the mask after 15-20 minutes, patting the remaining liquid until it is absorbed into the skin

1. The product is for external use only
2. If any of the following symptoms, such as itching, swelling, redness or rash, occur, discontinue use. Allergic reactions are also possible to natural ingredients.
3. Do not use the product on an irritated or injured area of skin or if you have an intolerance to any of the ingredients.
4. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
5. Important storage information:
- Close the cap tightly after each use.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Store the product at room temperature. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight as well as extremely hot or cold temperatures
- Use the product within the shelf life indicated on the package.

25 gr.

See the packaging. Use immediately


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