Whether the skin is oily, normal, combination or dry, it needs hydration. Many people are mistaken that having oily skin, it does not need hydration. On the contrary, oily skin without hydration becomes even more oily because the lack of moisture is compensated by excessive sebum production. At the same time, people who feel dry feel that they have dry skin and use cosmetics for dry skin, and it needs not oil but oil. In short, moisture is vital for the skin.
The truth is that this is the first and most important condition for beautiful and healthy skin. Whatever else you do, if the skin is not well moisturized, it will not look good.

What dehydrates the skin?
There is no single answer to this question, because there are both external and internal factors for dehydration. In general, external factors come from the environment around us and include too cold air or too hot air, too long stay in water, too long stay in a room or place with too dry air, pollution, free radicals and solar radiation. Also an external factor may be the use of aggressive cleansers, improper cosmetics for the skin type or cosmetics containing poor quality ingredients or alcohol, as a result of which the skin barrier is damaged.
Internal factors include lack of fluid intake, age changes, impaired protective barrier.
The good news is that we can counteract all factors by using protective creams against external aggressors, sunscreen, cosmetics containing moisturizing and maintaining the elasticity of the skin ingredients. Intake of more fluids and a quality lifestyle contribute to counteracting internal factors and improving the resilience of external ones.

What are the consequences of skin dehydration?
Whether the causes of dehydration are external or internal, the consequences are unpleasant for the skin. These are the appearance of wrinkles and pigment spots, deteriorated skin texture. The skin barrier is broken, leading to reactivity, redness, allergies and increased sensitivity. In addition, there is a noticeable feeling of discomfort such as dryness, itching and flaking.

What does hydration do for the skin?
Well hydrated skin has a healthy and radiant appearance. Water is a major component of collagen, so good hydration helps smooth out fine lines and improve the structure of collagen fibers. As a result, the skin looks visibly smoother and more elastic. Water maintains the good condition of the structural fibers and prevents the premature appearance of wrinkles. Well-hydrated skin is soft to the touch with a smooth texture, with a strong barrier that prevents external aggressors from entering the skin and is more resistant to external influences. Healthy well-hydrated skin does not tend to react easily because it functions properly. As already mentioned, even oily skin, when well moisturized, produces less sebum and pores are visibly reduced. Well hydrated skin is healthy skin with an even and radiant complexion.

Which products hydrate the skin?

They are specially formulated with the consistency of water to absorb quickly and hydrate in depth.
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Serums / Essences / Ampoules
Serums are concentrated formulas for highly effective action. In this sense, they are one of the most effective means of deep moisturizing the skin. Along with the specific discomforts they treat, they always have a hydrating effect. Specific serums and ampoules have been developed for deep hydration, especially for dehydrated and sensitive skin.
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In addition to purposefully treating skin imperfections, all masks have an important moisturizing function, allowing the skin to last longer with water-based essence. There are many masks specifically designed for deep hydration that give a shock dose of moisture to the skin better than any other product.
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Moisturizing creams
They are specially formulated to hydrate different skin types. They are necessarily present in skin care. 
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But for maximum results and lasting improvement of the skin's hydration level, more than one moisturizing product should be used and the sooner we learn to take good care of our skin, the sooner we will achieve perfect skin!