The human body consists of between 50 and 84% water depending on age, so this is the predominant element at all structural levels of our body. Without food a person can survive up to 45 days, but without water only 4-5 days. Thanks to water, our organs perform their vital functions and only well hydrated are able to function properly. This includes the skin - the largest organs in the body. So, if you want your skin to look healthy, radiant and young, do not allow yourself to become dehydrated. Here are some water features that keep your skin in good shape:

1. Improves elasticity and protects against wrinkles
Elasticity is what does not allow gravity to affect and maintain the young appearance of the skin. The more elastic the skin, the less prone to sagging and wrinkles it is. Unfortunately, with age, as a natural process, elasticity decreases due to a decrease in collagen, which is a structural element of the skin, and the skin relaxes and forms wrinkles. And water is a key component of collagen, for this reason maintaining good hydration of the body, maintains good elasticity of the skin, and hence a youthful appearance. Of course, external hydration is just as necessary, but we will look at it in the next article on the topic of hydration.

2. Clears toxins and brightens the complexion
Our body is exposed to large amounts of toxins daily. Whether taken with food, air or through the skin in the form of perfumes, overly synthetic cosmetics, they contribute to the formation of free radicals that damage cells, and hence all organs, including the skin.
The body, of course, has systems to neutralize free radicals, but when the amount becomes excessive, the body is unable to cope and degenerative processes occur. Water is an important part of cleansing systems as it helps the body get rid of toxins and free radicals faster. So by drinking more water, we help the body cleanse itself from the inside out. This clarifies the complexion of the skin.

3. Makes skin glowing
Imagine soil during a drought. The whole is cracked dry, rough and hard. The skin, when subjected to dehydration, tends to acquire a similar appearance, expressed in a rough, dry and streaked texture. While well-moisturized inside and out skin has a fresh and radiant look, good elasticity and texture. That is why it is necessary to consume water to maintain a healthy and radiant skin.

4. Reduces sebum production
If you have oily skin, you probably think that moisturizing your skin will bring you extra glow. This is not true at all. For oily skin, hydration is even more important for good appearance, as the lack of good water balance disrupts the water-oil balance of the skin and contributes to greater production of sebum to regulate dryness. Water is extremely important and over time you will find that your skin becomes less and less oily. It is the same with external hydration. It contributes to the good balance of the skin, and regulates the production of sebum.

5. Improves the protective function of the skin
Skin that is not sufficiently hydrated becomes dry, tight and flaky. Dry skin is less elastic and small gaps can open between the cells in the outer layers of the skin, making the barrier less strong while preventing external aggressors. This can lead to redness, itching, flaking of the skin or sensitization and reactions.

Let's not forget that water must be drunk properly. The best way to drink water is before meals, in sips at intervals. To avoid fluid retention and bloating, it is necessary to reduce salt consumption.