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13 Dec The best foods for youth
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Are there any miracle foods that can slow down the speed of time for the skin? Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to reverse the aging process, but you can lend a hand to your skin by eating ..
30 Mar What is a face mask and why it has become so popular lately?
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What is a face mask? The mask is a leaf or gel, soaked in a concentrated serum, which consists of many useful ingredients for the skin. These ingredients are dissolved in the aqueous phase. The leaf..
08 Mar The beauty comes from inside out
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The ideal appearance of the skin does not depend only on quality cosmetics. Inside care is just as important. And that means maintaining a good quality of life. We probably all know what that means, b..
01 Dec Korean skin care routine
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Korean women learn from an early age to take care of their skin. The philosophy of their beauty and crystal skin is in prevention. They clean, moisturize and apply sunscreen from a very young age. I..
01 Dec Why is Palmaerosa in love with Korean cosmetics?
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It is not easy in our time to choose anything, because there is a lot of everything on the market. It is even more difficult when it comes to cosmetics. There are all kinds of products on the market -..
22 Jan What is K-beauty?
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What lies behind the increasingly common term K-beauty or Korean beauty and what makes it so special? Even if you have never heard of K-beauty, Korean routine or “glass skin”, you will soon hear abo..
08 Mar Good sleep hygiene is the basis of good sleep
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What is sleep hygiene and why is it so important? Sleep hygiene is building healthy habits for good sleep and rest. Good and healthy sleep is a prerequisite for better health and better appearance. ..
07 Mar The mistakes we make in our daily skin care routine
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Imagine your skin as a brick wall. "Bricks" are the building blocks, that is, the cells, and the "compound" that binds them together are the lipids. Lipids have three main functions: to retain moistur..
22 Jan Hello! We are here!
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Hello! We are extremely happy to announce that Palmaerosa has opened virtual doors. We have prepared for you a fine selection of cosmetics with the highest world level quality, which will make your ..
06 Apr Her Majesty the Mask! What power does it have?
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Summer is approaching and soon you will start going out and having fun again. Do you want to show the most beautiful of yourself? The mask is one of the best tools for this. Read the full article to u..
15 Apr Why does the skin age and how to slow down this process?
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Our direct contact with the outside world is through the skin - the first barrier for the body. Being directly exposed to direct solar radiation, atmospheric aggressors and pollution, it becomes extre..
11 May What is a face toner and why is it so important to be present in our skincare routine?
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Simply put, the toner looks like water and acts like water - moisturizes in depth, but is much more than water. It is the fastest absorbing substance and delivers shock moisture to the skin and not on..
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