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Hello! I'm Theodora, 44, a busy working  woman and mother of three kids. By profession I am a professional buyer with over 22 years of experience in searching and negotiating the best conditions for buying goods. Curious by nature, I am in a constant process of searching and experimenting with new things in life.

Like most women my age, I have been struggling with time for years. Not only because of my young children, but also because of purely female vanity. I’ve bought all sorts of products, relying on quality medical cosmetics, but I still could not find "my cream". The fact that my skin is specific, thin, irritated and sensitive also contributed to this. For years I have been searching, researching, making informed choices and could not find a suitable product for me. Over time, I gained a good experience based on search and research, enriched with my professional experience. In the meantime, I upgraded with a course for making white cosmetics at home, which gave me valuable information about the ingredients and their action, and especially to assess the safety of the products. Because with experience came the realization of the dangers of "food for the skin."

And so, searching, researching, experimenting, I discovered this unpopular cosmetic, which turned out to be "my miracle" - Korean cosmetics. Perfectly suited creams, long-lasting comfort for the skin and most of all the "radiant skin" effect. I fell in love with this cosmetic and have been using it for years. It became a hobby for me to try new and new products, and the professional in me encouraged me to study them. Then I discovered that Korean cosmetics is actually one of the three world leaders and that it is the most competitive market, which is strictly regulated by the state. On a territory smaller than Bulgaria, there are over 2500 cosmetics manufacturers in South Korea. This competition requires extremely high quality, which the state controls with very high safety standards. Another interesting fact is that Korea dictates global trends. You probably know what is BB cream, serum, ampoule, cleansing oil, tonic, couscous. But did you know that it was South Korea that created them and from there they set off around the world?

Namely this inspiration from my new discovery "eastern miracle of youth" prompted me to create to be a lifeline in the cosmetic ocean.I wish to be a cosmetic oasis for the active and busy mature woman, to gives you relief in the chaos of promises of hundreds and thousands of cosmetic brands and advertising noise. Here is the quality in the highest class, with results analogous to expensive cosmetic procedures, but at a much better price. We took care to make you stop wandering and hesitating about the right choice of cosmetic care. We have taken care of you by researching hundreds of manufacturers and we have made a fine selection of best of the best - safe, gentle cosmetics, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. At the same time, it is rich in active natural ingredients to give not only specific care, but complex care for your skin. We work together with a professional medical estetician to consult and guide you on the best solution for your skin.

In you will tell us what you are looking for and what you expect, you will explain what your skin is, and we will offer you the most suitable product for it.


What else do we offer at offers basic and professional medical consultation especially for you.

The team is available to advise you on the most suitable products and regimen for your skin, combination of products and everything that would be useful for you.

In addition, also offers a professional consultation in the person of our medical estetician Pavlina Baeva.

 Pavlina Todorova Baeva is our consultant approving the products offered on the website. She is a profesional medical estetician, graduated in Medical Cosmetics at the Medical University in Sofia. In addition, she has an additional bachelor's degree in Health Care Management at the Medical University in Varna. She has been working as a medical estetician for more than 12 years, combining this activity with teaching professional courses in cosmetics and issuing certificates of qualification to the Center for Vocational Training.

In the virtual space of you can get professional advice on the most suitable products for your skin type or skin imperfections. Free advice on suitable products for your skin type can be obtained at any time by e-mail: You will receive an answer to the questions within 48 hours.

In addition, offers online consultation for professional skin check, as well as any specific cosmetic problems and their potential solution.